Leave dirt at the door with sticky mats, framed adhesive mats, and more
Sticky Mats

Sticky mats trap dirt and keep dirt contained.

Sticky mats are ideal for keep dust, dirt, and other particulates from spreading due to foot traffic. As foot traffic or wheels pass over the surface of the mat the non-transferring adhesive locks onto the dirt and captures it. Sticky Mats are comprised of 30 or 60 layers of adhesive-coated film that effectively removes dirt from shoes, equipment wheels, and even pet paws. By using sticky mats you can reduce your cleaning time with a cost effective solution. The low cost makes them great for any industry, office, or home use. They will help keep dust and dirt to a minimum in clean rooms, office entry ways, food manufacturing, and more. There are a variety of sizes to choose from that will suit large and small traffic areas. Click here for different sizes available.

Sticky mats will even help contractors comply with the lead safe work practices and capture dirt and dust on shoes and wheels. Our sticky mats comply with EPA Lead Abatement Regulations, minimize dust on worksites, and help keep carpets and floors clean.

Sticky Mats
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Sticky mats feature 30 layers of adhesive film and the bottom of the mat has an adhesive to stick the mat to the floor. This mat is designed to be used on hard and flat surfaces like concrete, wood, tile, etc. When stuck to the floor the mat won't slip and doesn't leave behind sticky residue upon removal.

Popular sizes for sticky mats are
18" X 36", 24" X 36", and 36" X 36".
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Framed Sticky Mats
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Framed mats are a reusable solution for hard to stick surfaces like carpet, and areas where nothing can be stuck to the floor. The frames are made with a hard polystyrene and have an anti-slip backing. These mats come with 60 layers of adhesive film that adhere to the frame.

The adhesive mats on the frame are 24" X 30" and the frames are 25 1/2" X 31 1/2". Mats and frames come in a variety of colors.
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Specialty Sticky Mats
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Specialty sticky mats are the attractive solution for use in the home or office. Each mat features a decorative frame with anti-slip backing and 30 layers of clear adhesive film. Like the framed mats you can move these mats from one place to the other.

Specialty adhesive mats have 24" X 30" mats with 25 1/2" X 31 1/2" frames. The frames come in a variety of designs.
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Easy To Use and Clean Up.

Simply peel off the top and bottom protective layers and adhere them in desired area. Walk across it to trap dirt. When the exposed layer is completely used, simply peel it off to expose a clean layer. Then simply throw away the used layer that was removed.

The framed mats feature a reusable hard plastic with a nonskid backing. When all the layers of the mat are eventually used, refill mats can be ordered and installed on the frame.

Both framed and non-framed sticky mats are easier to use than synthetic, vinyl or carpet mats which become less effective as they build up with soil and must be laundered, cleaned or changed.

Saves and Protects.

Placing a sticky mat in high traffic areas and main entrances will help protect and extend the life of floor finishes, carpets and home and office furnishings.

PLX Industries' Versatile Mats
are Ideal for:
  • Cleanrooms
  • Manufacturing Office
  • Industrial
  • Food Preparation
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Aerospace
  • Computer
  • Schools
  • Construction
  • Print Shops
  • Manufacturing



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